Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Tree Friends Overkill DVD!

Understand that the DVD for Happy Tree Friends Overkill
has been discontinued & luckily I've managed to got myself
a copy of it.

For those who wish to own one & unable to find it anywhere,
well, you can always visit eBay, the best place to find all sort
of super rare items.

Below are some pictures of the DVD if you're wondering what
is inside. Please kindly take note that this DVD is not suitable
for young children as it contains violence.

And here are the contents...

Disc 1 - Volume One: First Blood

  1. Spin Fun Knowing You
  2. House Warming
  3. Helping Helps
  4. Crazy Antics
  5. Havin' A Ball
  6. Water You Wading For
  7. Nuttin' Wrong With Candy
  8. Wheelin' and Dealin'
  9. Pitchin' Impossible
  10. Stayin' Alive
  11. Treasure These Idol Moments
  12. Chip off the Ole' Block
  13. Nuttin' but the Tooth
  14. Hide and Seek

Disc 2 - Volume Two: Second Serving

  1. Boo Do You Think You Are
  2. Mime and Mime Again
  3. You're Baking Me Crazy
  4. Tongue Twister
  5. Meat Me For Lunch
  6. Sweet Ride
  7. It's A Snap
  8. Off The Hook
  9. Spare Me
  10. Snow What
  11. This Is Your Knife
  12. Happy Trails
  13. Happy Trails Part 2
  14. Eye Candy
  15. Rink Hijinks
  16. Flippin' Burgers
  17. Get Whale Soon

Disc 3 - Volume Three: Third Strike

  1. Milkin' It
  2. Out of Sight, Out of Mime
  3. Class Act
  4. The Way You Make Me Wheel
  5. Better Off Bread
  6. I Get A Trick Out of You
  7. Shard At Work
  8. Water Way To Go
  9. Out On A Limb
  10. Keeping It Reel
  11. A Hard Act To Swallow
  12. Let It Slide
  13. Icy You
  14. Hello Dolly

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