Monday, March 3, 2008

March DVD Releases I Must Own...


I'm sure everyone will remember this classic Disney's movie which was released in 1961. I remember watching it for the 1st time when I was about 10 years old.

Well, not exactly the breakthrough type of animation movie at that time but is definitely one of the many great stories that was told by the people from Disney.

After more than 45 years since it was release in the theaters, 101 Dalmatians has gross a total of more than US$144 million & will be release in a 2-Disc Platinum Edition DVD format on the 4th of March.

What really interest me into buying this DVD is to know the truth behind the story of a 4 years old girl name Marla. Apparently she has painted an amazing & unbelievable paintings that worth US$25,000.

Well, not sure if all the paintings are truly done by her & I'm too lazy to browse through the internet to find out the truth. So I guess the only way is to buy & watch this DVD.

My Kid Could Paint That has grossed a worldwide total of more than US$256,000 & will be release in a DVD format on this coming 4th of March.

Not really sure if the movie going to turn out great or bad so I've decided to wait for the DVD instead of watching it in the cinema. One thing I can be sure of is that the computer animation do looks good accept for the bee. I was kind of hoping that it could be a little bit cuter.

With a production budget of US$150 million, Bee Movie has grossed a total of more than US$285 million worldwide & will be releasing in a single & 2-Disc Special Edition DVD format. It also comes in HD DVD format but since Blu-Ray has taken over the High Definiton market, there is no point in spending your money over it.

How often will you get to see an animated character turning into reality? The only movie I can think of right now is maybe Virtuosity, starring Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe. Well, not really from a cartoon world but almost close.

Featuring a number of great cast & an unforgetable music, Enchanted is a fun & enjoyable movie to watch. Every songs sang by Amy Adams were great & lovely. 3 songs from the movie has been nominated for Best Original Song in the Academy Awards but unfortunately neither one is crown as the winner which is kind of sad actually.

Enchanted has grossed a total of more than US$308 million worldwide & will be releasing in a DVD & Blu-Ray format on the 18th of March.

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