Friday, November 30, 2007


From the upcoming Knight Rider series, the new KITT
is played by a 550 HP Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang!
I've posted the old version of KITT together with the
new version just for comparison. Which version better?



Personally, I still prefer the old version of KITT cause
it got the unique look that somehow suit a Knight Rider.
The new one is nice but it just feel like an ordinary car
with a customized red light at the front.

What do you all think?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joker Is Here!

Check out the new Empire magazine January issue cover!

From the way things look, this new version of the Joker plays by Heath Ledger is way better than the one Jack Nicholson played in Batman (1989).

The Dark Knight will open on the 18th of July next year!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

CJ7 Teaser Trailer!

Stephen Chow is back with a new movie, CJ7!
Click now at the video below to watch the trailer!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Silent Hill Origins PSP & Ghost Rider Limited Edition Gift Set DVD!

Woo hoo.... Items just in when I reach home!

Will post more about Silent Hill when I got the time to do it.

Now it's time to ENJOY!

Silent Hill Origins PSP!

Ghost Rider Limited Edition
Gift Set DVD!

Exclusive Ghost Rider Figurine!

The Whole Package Of The Gift Set DVD!

Beowulf Movie Review!


Right after watching Saw IV (please kindly click here to visit to my previous post), we decided to watched yet another movie call Beowulf cause one movie is definitely won't be enough for me after the final exam is over!

Well, we didn't actually watched Beowulf in the same cinema as Saw IV but we went to Ang Mo Kio Hub instead. Reason is because we only decided to watched it right after we reached there & the audiences there are much, err, you may say people who really will appreciate movie.

I remember watching The Simpsons Movie at Ang Mo Kio & people were laughing & basically enjoying themselves alot. Since the movie is so good, we decided to watched it the second time but this time we went to Orchard instead. The crowd there were, err, somehow different.

No one is laughing or even seem like they were enjoying themselves. Weird feeling number one. Another incident is when we watched Lust Caution at Orchard Cineleisure. There is this scene where a guy is being stabbed to death with a knife by a student & the people watching are actually laughing! I was like, What the hell? Weird feeling number two.

Maybe that's just me being over sensitive but still, something is very wrong with those people when they are laughing at those scene. Even my girlfriend find it weird. After the opening of Ang Mo Kio Hub, we both beginning to enjoy watching movie there compare to the cinema at Orchard. Too bad Saw IV doesn't show at Ang Mo Kio, hmmm... maybe it's an R21 film.

Ok... Back to Beowulf now. When I first watched the trailer, I was wondering, is this done by a computer animation cause it look so real yet it still got the animation feeling. Not sure until I've found an article from the internet saying that it's indeed an animation using some sort of super high tech technology. Basically it's the same technic use in Polar Express but this time in a more advance way. Ray Winstone look exactly like himself & not forgetting Anthony Hopkins & Angelina Jolie as well.

Guess this must be how Justice League movie is going to look like in the near future when it is release. Well, this movie is basically about a warrior name Beowulf who travels to a kingdom & kills a monster call Grendel & becomes a hero. Eventually Grendel's mother seeks vengeance for the loss of her son on Beowulf. Actually, that's about it for the whole storyline. No great fight scenes or alot of monsters apearring in this movie. From my point of view, the movie is made just for showing that how far an animation could go with the latest technology given. Hahaha.... there is this scene that remind me of Shrek!

Well, overall we still enjoyed the movie as usual even there isn't any storyline, great fight or thousand of monsters appearing. For those who really love video games or animation movie, this movie is definitely worth checking out.

To know more about Beowulf, kindly click here to visit
to the movie official website!

Beowulf Movie Tickets!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cloverfield New Trailer!

Cloverfield, previously known only as 1-18-08 has a new trailer! Check it out via this link! The movie will be out next year on the 18th of January! Can't wait for this one.

Motion sickness time!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Saw IV Movie Review!


Woo hoo......... Yesterday was the end of my final exam & what a relief! After a few months of studying, finally I'm free! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First thing to do is to catched some movies & we decided to checked on Saw IV, the fourth chapter of the Saw franchise.

I like the first one alot follow by the second which is a so so only & lastly the third one which is slightly better than the second one.

After watching the third Saw which basically seem like the end of all cause the killer jigsaw was killed in the end of the movie, I remember saying to myself at that time, please do not tell me that they are going to move on with a fourth movie with a story of some people replacing jigsaw's work.


The answer is yes. I guess everyone would probably knew this would be coming cause basically you couldn't kill a person if you yourself is dead already. So in order for your work to be continue once you're dead, you just got to find somebody to replace you, that's all. The only question is who. That is the whole story in this fourth movie.

People being tortured, bloody dying, suffering, some even dying without any purpose & among all these people being torture, one of them happen to be the one that will going to take over jigsaw's work, err... sort of.

Hmmmmmm...... come to think about it, it's exactly the same thing from the second movie Saw II. What make the Saw trilogy so special is you alway get those special suprises which you had no idea that it's coming but in Saw IV, nothing really suprise you, it's just the same thing over & over again with more torturing & blood & stuff.

Well, if you are into torturing, bloody, gory, violence with no purpose, Saw IV is definitely the right movie for you. There is this scene which they called it the autopsy scene, personally it's one of my favourite in the movie. By the way, heard they are going to make a back to back sequel (Saw V & VI) which I think is already started if I'm not wrong. After having the lowest gross among all four Saw movies domestically, not sure will it be a really good idea to make another one & in this case, a back to back sequel.

You can click here to visit to the movie official website!

Saw IV Movie Tickets!

Sweeney Todd New Posters!

Check out these 2 new posters from Tim Burton's
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Forbidden Kingdom!

Another quick update cause as usual, I'm posting this while
I'm working in my office. Hmmm.... not sure why I couldn't
find some time at home to post something & only can do it
while I'm working.

Anyway, the first footage of the highly anticipated movie call
The Forbidden Kingdom starring both Jackie Chan & Jet Li is
now online! Check it out!

By the way, just found out that Stephen Chow, the guy behind
Shaolin Soccer & Kung Fu Hustle is producing Dragon Ball Z!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lust, Caution Movie Review!


Finally the uncut version of the movie is out last week & we had the chance to watched it on the big screen. I understand that everytime someone mentioning about this movie, one thing for sure that pop up in their mind is obviously the sex scene.

In fact, this is the first time we went to a cinema where there's alot of elder people flocking in just to see the movie. Not sure if they are all here with the fact that they are interested in the storyline, acting, Ang Lee or maybe Tony, you name it or they just mainly here because of the sex scene. Well, I myself has mentioned the word sex for like 3 times in this post already. Better stop here.

I can say that we really enjoyed this movie alot although personally I feel that it's abit draggy as it reaches half way.

Tony himself as usual has done a tremendous job on his acting skill. Even though he appear to be the main character, his screenplay weren't that much not to mention his dialogue as well. Basically he doesn't speak much in this movie. Most of the time he will just show expression through his eyes and that my friend, is a good acting. Anyway, I still feel that he should get more screenplay.

Tang Wei the lead actress has done very well herself in potraying the character even though this is her first major big film. The way she acted really giving you the impression as there is alot of thought going in her mind & basically leaving you with alot of questions in your head trying to figure what's she's really been thinking.

The storyline is either fantastic or boring depending on how you see this movie. I can say that it is more of an art form movie where basically everything move slowly & mainly amplified on the emotional of each of the characters that is involve with the story. Check out my older post for the sypnosis story of the movie by clicking here.

Overall, we both really enjoyed this movie alot & will definitely
buy the DVD when it is out on the shelves.

Lust, Caution Movie Tickets!

Beside enjoying the movie, we both fell in love with the theme music
as well. It's so nice. By the way, I don't like the singing version, only
the piano version. ;-P

Lust, Caution Theme Music

Friday, November 2, 2007

November DVD Releases I Must Own...


Probably one of Pixar's finest movie yet! The animation, story line, direction & voice acting are just simply perfect & enjoyable to watch. I still can't believe that they manage to create the whole Paris scene that look so real & you just couldn't believe that it's an animation, not to mention all the beautiful foods as well. The crew actually went to all the high end restaurants in Paris just to study & select what kind of foods to be use in the movie. While I was watching 'the making' on TV, one of the crew member actually said that he feels bored already with high end foods after eating almost everyday while they were in pre-production! So gooood......

After grossing over US$553 million worldwide in the box office, 'Remy' the rat has already joined the rank of his other popular relative such as Mickey Mouse & Jerry. Ratatouille will be release both in DVD & Blu-Ray format on the 06th of November.

This is probably one of the worst Shrek movie if compare with the last two. Well, to be honest, I didn't actually find it funny at all & was kind of bored when the movie is about to reach to the middle part. Since I loved the first & second series of the movie, I guess I'll just have to purchase it when the DVD is out on the shelves, just to sort of complete my collection for the trilogy. Sigh..... this is one of the disadvantage being a collector I guess. Most of the time I will end up buying DVD or graphic novels that eventually ended up storing in the shelves cause I don't have the time to watch, read or might not even like the item that have been purchased, & all this are just for the sake of collecting.

After grossing over US$793 million worldwide & landing as the second highest grosser of the year domestically, a fourth movie is already in the work & will be out somewhere on May 2010. The fifth will be the final movie for the Shrek franchise according to the studio.

Not sure will there be any spinoff or not, so far I'm hearing that 'Puss' the cat, one of the major character in the movie is getting his own spinoff. We will have to wait & see. Shrek The Third will be release in both DVD & HD DVD format on the 13th of November. It also comes in a trilogy boxset.

Hmmmm...... Not sure will I ended up being dissapointed or happy after puchasing this DVD since I haven't actually watch the movie yet. All I know is that Hairspray has received quite a number of positive reviews from critics & my friends as well. Since John Travolta is back with his dancing move although this time as a woman, I'm sure it will be worth spending my money on the DVD since I enjoyed watching him dancing his way in Grease & Saturday Night Fever.

Hahaha... Speaking of dancing, I actually got a little taste of it when I started joining the gym last year but eventually I gave up after a few months.

Well, not exactly giving up, it just happen that the guy who taught me has left & is being replaced by another guy which is a complete jack-ass. So I drop the dancing class & concentrate on watching the girls dance instead. Hehehe..... Body pump & Body combat are still my favourite sort of exercising program.

With a total gross of over US$190 million, Hairspray will be release in both single & 2-disc edition standard DVD & Blu-Ray format on the 20th of November. It also comes in a limited edition giftset DVD as well.

I feel that the director Len Wiseman actually did a great job in bringing back the Die Hard franchise after more than 10 years since the release of the third movie call Die Hard: With A Vengeance back in the year 1995. I basically liked all of the previous three movies but I can say that this new installment is certainly one of the best so far & I was hoping that they will make another one, at least. I love this movie so much that I actually went to see it twice in the cinema. Suprisingly, it just got better the 2nd time I've watched it & I just ended up loving this movie even more!

Its really been quite awhile since I have watched any movie twice. If I'm not mistaken, it should be during the time when I'm still studying in my secondary school where movie's ticket price was like half of the price now! I was wondering if people are going to watch movie in the cinema if ticket price continue to increase in the near future.

For example, will you watch a movie if it cost you around $20 or maybe more depending on how fast they want to increase the price? I guess the answer will be no, well......, maybe yes, unless hollywood, the chinese or even people from bollywood can come out with a great story or an impressive visual that audiences have never experience before, otherwise most of them will probably ended up downloading or rent it.

With a combine worldwide total of over US$375 million, Live Free Or Die Hard will be release in both single & 2-disc collector's edition in DVD & Blu-Ray format on the 20th of November. It also comes with all four movies in a single collection & this edition will only be available in Blu-Ray format.

From the people who brought us Shaun Of The Dead comes yet another comedy movie call Hot Fuzz, but only this time you won't be seeing any dead zombies walking around. For those who have not seen the movie Shaun, I highly recommend that you go watch it cause it's so hilarious that you just have to see it to believe it. Back to Hot Fuzz, I just wanted to say that I feel so relief when I've decided not to purchase the DVD on its first day of release cause now they are releasing it in a 3-disc collector's edition! It just feels kind of suck when you've bought something on the early stage & knowing that another version which is better than the first is coming out.

This incident actually happen to me on & off, for example, I'm now owning three version of DVD from a single movie call X-Men. It started with the first edition release, then came the 1.5 version & eventually the box set edition which include the second part of the movie. Next time I will have to remind myself to be patient for awhile & wait for another two or three months after the release date just to be safe.

Hot Fuzz has gross over US$79 million worldwide & will be release in a 3-disc collector's edition on the 27th of November. The normal version is already out for those who is not interested in a collector's edition of the movie.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

AVP-R New Posters!

Ok, this is going to be yet another quick update cause I'm
currently working in the office & if my boss finds out that
I'm doing blogging instead of quotation, I think I might be
in deep trouble & end up drinking coffee in his office!

Two new AVP-R posters are now online including new clip!
You can watch the R-Rated clip by clicking here, thanks to

It first came online at the IGN website but the loading is somehow
slow. Guess it must be of the high definition thingy. If you guys wish
to watch it in a super duper clear picture & got lots of time, please
kindly click here instead.