Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Beowulf Movie Review!


Right after watching Saw IV (please kindly click here to visit to my previous post), we decided to watched yet another movie call Beowulf cause one movie is definitely won't be enough for me after the final exam is over!

Well, we didn't actually watched Beowulf in the same cinema as Saw IV but we went to Ang Mo Kio Hub instead. Reason is because we only decided to watched it right after we reached there & the audiences there are much, err, you may say people who really will appreciate movie.

I remember watching The Simpsons Movie at Ang Mo Kio & people were laughing & basically enjoying themselves alot. Since the movie is so good, we decided to watched it the second time but this time we went to Orchard instead. The crowd there were, err, somehow different.

No one is laughing or even seem like they were enjoying themselves. Weird feeling number one. Another incident is when we watched Lust Caution at Orchard Cineleisure. There is this scene where a guy is being stabbed to death with a knife by a student & the people watching are actually laughing! I was like, What the hell? Weird feeling number two.

Maybe that's just me being over sensitive but still, something is very wrong with those people when they are laughing at those scene. Even my girlfriend find it weird. After the opening of Ang Mo Kio Hub, we both beginning to enjoy watching movie there compare to the cinema at Orchard. Too bad Saw IV doesn't show at Ang Mo Kio, hmmm... maybe it's an R21 film.

Ok... Back to Beowulf now. When I first watched the trailer, I was wondering, is this done by a computer animation cause it look so real yet it still got the animation feeling. Not sure until I've found an article from the internet saying that it's indeed an animation using some sort of super high tech technology. Basically it's the same technic use in Polar Express but this time in a more advance way. Ray Winstone look exactly like himself & not forgetting Anthony Hopkins & Angelina Jolie as well.

Guess this must be how Justice League movie is going to look like in the near future when it is release. Well, this movie is basically about a warrior name Beowulf who travels to a kingdom & kills a monster call Grendel & becomes a hero. Eventually Grendel's mother seeks vengeance for the loss of her son on Beowulf. Actually, that's about it for the whole storyline. No great fight scenes or alot of monsters apearring in this movie. From my point of view, the movie is made just for showing that how far an animation could go with the latest technology given. Hahaha.... there is this scene that remind me of Shrek!

Well, overall we still enjoyed the movie as usual even there isn't any storyline, great fight or thousand of monsters appearing. For those who really love video games or animation movie, this movie is definitely worth checking out.

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