Monday, November 19, 2007

Saw IV Movie Review!


Woo hoo......... Yesterday was the end of my final exam & what a relief! After a few months of studying, finally I'm free! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First thing to do is to catched some movies & we decided to checked on Saw IV, the fourth chapter of the Saw franchise.

I like the first one alot follow by the second which is a so so only & lastly the third one which is slightly better than the second one.

After watching the third Saw which basically seem like the end of all cause the killer jigsaw was killed in the end of the movie, I remember saying to myself at that time, please do not tell me that they are going to move on with a fourth movie with a story of some people replacing jigsaw's work.


The answer is yes. I guess everyone would probably knew this would be coming cause basically you couldn't kill a person if you yourself is dead already. So in order for your work to be continue once you're dead, you just got to find somebody to replace you, that's all. The only question is who. That is the whole story in this fourth movie.

People being tortured, bloody dying, suffering, some even dying without any purpose & among all these people being torture, one of them happen to be the one that will going to take over jigsaw's work, err... sort of.

Hmmmmmm...... come to think about it, it's exactly the same thing from the second movie Saw II. What make the Saw trilogy so special is you alway get those special suprises which you had no idea that it's coming but in Saw IV, nothing really suprise you, it's just the same thing over & over again with more torturing & blood & stuff.

Well, if you are into torturing, bloody, gory, violence with no purpose, Saw IV is definitely the right movie for you. There is this scene which they called it the autopsy scene, personally it's one of my favourite in the movie. By the way, heard they are going to make a back to back sequel (Saw V & VI) which I think is already started if I'm not wrong. After having the lowest gross among all four Saw movies domestically, not sure will it be a really good idea to make another one & in this case, a back to back sequel.

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