Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lust, Caution Movie Review!


Finally the uncut version of the movie is out last week & we had the chance to watched it on the big screen. I understand that everytime someone mentioning about this movie, one thing for sure that pop up in their mind is obviously the sex scene.

In fact, this is the first time we went to a cinema where there's alot of elder people flocking in just to see the movie. Not sure if they are all here with the fact that they are interested in the storyline, acting, Ang Lee or maybe Tony, you name it or they just mainly here because of the sex scene. Well, I myself has mentioned the word sex for like 3 times in this post already. Better stop here.

I can say that we really enjoyed this movie alot although personally I feel that it's abit draggy as it reaches half way.

Tony himself as usual has done a tremendous job on his acting skill. Even though he appear to be the main character, his screenplay weren't that much not to mention his dialogue as well. Basically he doesn't speak much in this movie. Most of the time he will just show expression through his eyes and that my friend, is a good acting. Anyway, I still feel that he should get more screenplay.

Tang Wei the lead actress has done very well herself in potraying the character even though this is her first major big film. The way she acted really giving you the impression as there is alot of thought going in her mind & basically leaving you with alot of questions in your head trying to figure what's she's really been thinking.

The storyline is either fantastic or boring depending on how you see this movie. I can say that it is more of an art form movie where basically everything move slowly & mainly amplified on the emotional of each of the characters that is involve with the story. Check out my older post for the sypnosis story of the movie by clicking here.

Overall, we both really enjoyed this movie alot & will definitely
buy the DVD when it is out on the shelves.

Lust, Caution Movie Tickets!

Beside enjoying the movie, we both fell in love with the theme music
as well. It's so nice. By the way, I don't like the singing version, only
the piano version. ;-P

Lust, Caution Theme Music

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