Thursday, October 4, 2007

Balls Of Fury Movie Review!


I remember watching the first trailer of the movie on the internet which is not bad I might say just sort of makes me wanted to watch this movie on its first day opening. I've told my girlfriend that I'm going to watch this movie even if the reviews suck.

Then came the first day premiere which I think is on last two weeks ago. Sadly to say this that I've completely forgot about wanting to watch this movie until now. I was sitting in my office this evening, doing my things as usual when suddenly the title of the movie just hit my head. I knock off from work, met up with my girlfriend at 7pm, bought the tickets for a 8.15pm show & just like that, we're on our way to watch the movie. Ok, here goes.....

Basically from my point of view, this is indeed a fun or should I say funny movie that worth spending your money & time watching it in the cinema.

It's basically full of classic jokes which is really funny & not like some other movies that present lame or stupid jokes which I don't usually like. Watching Christopher Walken in the movie & hearing him replying to a japanese guy by saying 'hah?' in an Asian slang just make both of us laugh like hell. Of course some jokes might not appear to be funny by some people but overall, you will have a great laugh all the way.

What this movie really lack of is character development. You don't really understand well to any of the characters play in the movie. Guess with so many characters involve, I think it's really hard to give everyone enough screenplay to develope otherwise this movie will have to run more than 2 hours plus which is not good.

Lastly, I think everyone will enjoy watching this movie cause I knew we did. It is definitely one fun ride popcorn style of movie & not those mind jumbling complicated stuff that make your head spinning. Just relax, have fun & I'm sure everyone will have a great time. Hmmm......... By the way, Maggie Q got a tattoo on her hip! Not sure is it a real one...

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