Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Meet The Spartans!

I found this trailer on YouTube & was kind of wondering is
this for real or not so I did some researched & found out that
the answer is yes, this is real!

I believe it came from the same team that brought us Epic Movie
& Scary Movie, both which are just ridiculously nonsense & I guess
this one will not be any different as well. Not really sure what type
of story this movie going to be told, well, I guess there isn't any story
to be expect for such kind of movie anyway, judging from the trailer.

Errrr... should I watch it in the cinema? Hmmm..... maybe I will. Well,
about the release date, unfortunately there isn't any news on that yet.
You can enjoy the photo & trailer first if this movie sounds interesting
to you & for those who have watched 300 & enjoyed the movie alot,
you just got to watch the trailer!

WARNING: Any fan of Britney Spears, please do not watch this video!

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