Sunday, October 7, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Review!


First of all, the movie is based on a very popular video game called Resident Evil. I've played all four series of the game (Resident Evil 1, 2, 3 & 4) & I can say that I really enjoyed the game, characters & story line alot & fell in love with it ever since. I remember playing it almost every single day even I have won the game like hundred of times. This is the game that influences me to play on other horror games that is in RPG style such as Silent Hill, Alone In The Dark & Fatal Frames. Without it, I might not even know all of them. So thanks to Resident Evil by introducing me to the wonderful world of horror game & to know that a movie is coming out, I was so bloody exciting at that time.

Here comes the movie part. The first & the second movie of Resident Evil is already a complete dissapointment to me, well, I can say that the first one is still ok but not the second one. Knowing that a third installment is already on it's way to the cinema, I decided to give it another try although after having some bad experience with the other two previous movies. Ok.... How should I start? Here goes..... I believe that this is probably the worst of all three. I try not to give away spoilers so it will be a quick cut straight to the point.

It started from where the first & second movies has left. The first 10 minutes is a cut & paste of scenes from the first movie with some additional angle & music & I can really say that this first 10 minutes is the best scene for the whole movie. Why? Cause it got the Resident Evil feels.... After that, completely faded all the way. Basically, this movie uses alot of cheap shock just to scare the audiences.

Quiet....... suddenly BAM! Quiet.......suddenly BAM! If you know what I'm talking about. Eventually it just went from bad to worst where all kinds of supernatural powers involve & for awhile, it give me a feel like I'm watching some sort of like an X-men movie version. Then comes the zombies. I just don't know why I felt like there is something wrong with the zombies. Its just don't feel right. Maybe its just remind me of the zombies from the movie call Dawn Of The Dead. Fast type of zombies?

By the way, this movie doesn't even seems like a zombies movie at all. Why can't they just use the old fashion zombies while they suppose to be slow & clumsy with unpredictable movement at the same time like the game. Hmmm.. looks like I've said too many bad things about the movie already! Okok.... last one. Please stop using characters such as Claire Redfield from the game & wasting them in the movie! Its just heart pain to see them being wasted just like that.

Lastly, for those who basically wants to see Milla Jovovich kicking some zombies ass with some action violence & a simple story line, this is the right movie for you. For fans of the game, you will definitely be very very very dissapointed. Sorry if I had said too many bad things about this movie, its just that being a fan of the game & watching something that is completely not Resident Evil even the title appear to be Resident Evil just make me nuts.

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