Thursday, January 3, 2008

Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem Movie Review!


WOW! What a crappy movie for such a huge franchise. This movie is so bad that we actually felt like leaving the cinema after the film reaches half way. However, we managed to continue watching until the very end of it & ended up torturing ourselves.

AVP-R is actually a sequel to the very first AVP & it begins where the first movie has left. A predalien basically goes berserk & start killing every predators (think there is only 2 predators if I'm not wrong) on board & eventually causing the spacecraft to crash back to earth.

Come to think about it, the predator should be the one who is causing the spacecraft to crash since his aiming skill is so bad that he basically needs to retake the shooting lesson. So, after crashing on earth, the aliens start doing what they do best, make lots of baby alien & kill everyone.

Soon after knowing the truth about his fellow colleagues who have perish, a mysterious lonely predator comes to earth to the rescue, err..... sort of. Yar, you've heard me. One lonely predator. Only one! This predator must have just graduated from the non-aliens shooting course cause he just basically shoots at everything instead of the aliens.

So by doing that, you can imagine what kind of damages is being done. Lights out, panic all over town, well, you get the point. As you may already know that this movie is about two monsters fighting each other, so the humans in this movie are just there for the killing. Actually there are some background story for each of the characters, but the way I see it, it's just pointless cause in the end they all died so fast & there is just no further developement. By the way, their story don't even seem like it fits or related to this movie at all.

As for the action part, well, if you have watched the first movie, you won't find anything new in this one. I mean how great can it be if there's only one lonely predator against plenty of aliens. It might sounds good but trust me, it won't looks good at all on screen & we're talking about sequel where things normally get bigger & better. This one feels like one cheap low budget type of alien vs. predator movie.

Overall, this movie does not worth your money or time to watch it in the cinema so you might want to wait for the DVD to release. It might be good if you just rent it instead of buying, well unless you are a great fans of the first alien & predator movie & wish to add into your collection just like me.

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