Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield Movie Review!


Ok, we watched the movie yesterday night & here is what I have to say. As you may have already knew, this film is basically shot entirely using a hand-held camcorder which is similar to the movie Blair Witch Project. But unlike Blair which happen to have 2 cameras, Cloverfield only involve with one. The story begins with the introduction of the characters who eventually got caught in a chaotic situation when a monster begins to stomped the city. Five people to be exact. So with only one camera throughout the entire movie, you will hardly get to see the other guy who is holding it.

You may want to pretend that it is you who is holding instead. While everyone is trying to get out from the city, one is trying to reach his girlfriend with his best friend tagging along & happen to record their entire journey.

Ok, if you're wondering is the monster going to appear much on screen, don't worry, you will get a good look at it. It is a unique monster I would say. I was wondering that with the monster being so unique, will the audiences actually care about a guy trying to reach his girlfriend?

It might sound romantic & touching but you hardly get to know any of them since there isn't much developement to their characters. Marketing is also one of the major concern. Judging at the posters & trailers, it actually build up the mystery of the monster & not the characters in the movie. The only interesting character I believe is the guy who is holding the camera & taping the entire journey since he's being the closest with the audiences where they have to journey together with him throughout the entire movie in his camcorder.

As for the hand-held technic, you don't have to worry about it being badly done cause from my point of view, it is way better than Blair Witch Project although some people might still experiences dizziness. You will get involved directly with the action & experience it instead of just watching a recording video of what he & his friends were doing. With the combine of a great sound effect, you really will get to enjoy the full horrific of the situation which is a great experience for such kind of movie.

Overall, this movie is well made & enjoyable to watch although there is a lack of characters developement including the monster & might cause certain people to experience dizziness.For those who will easily get dizzy because of the unstable movement on the screen, well, remember to bring along some panadols with you.

Oh ya, don't forget to stay all the way until the credits end.

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