Tuesday, February 26, 2008

L: Change The World Movie Review!


I believe that most audiences would think that this is a prequel from the highly successful Death Note series (2 parts) which was release in 2006 but actually it's pretty much the continuation story of the character 'L' final 23 days which is kind of left out from the previous movie Death Note 2.

What makes the character 'L' interesting to watch in the 1st & 2nd movie is the mysterious & intellegence of him & an unforgetable battle moments with a formidable enemy named Kira. Sadly to say that all of this incredible moments seem to have faded away.

The story begins with a group of people manufactured a lethal virus & attempts to wipeout humanity by spreading & infecting it to the world. A boy & a girl seems to be holding the clues in finding the cure & 'L' has only 23 days left to solve the case & prevent mankind from perished.

Unlike the previous two movies, this sequel does not have any memorable characters or in this case, a villian that would generate an interest & excitement into the story that will keep the audiences going. As the movie reaches half way through, it gets kind of bored & makes you realize that you've spend half time of the movie watching most of the scenes & characters involve that are totally pointless & unnecessary. It's kind of sad & dissapointing to see that this movie turns out not as great as expected cause I really love the first & second movie including the animation.

Overall, for those who have not heard or seen the movie Death Note, you may want to avoid watching this one in the cinema cause this movie does not have any great story, characters or memorable sequences that will make you talk about it for years.Even for the fans from the previous two movies may find this particular sequel or spinoff abit dissapointing & I'm sad to say that I'm one of them.

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