Thursday, December 6, 2007

30 Days Of Night Movie Review!


Based on the popular graphic novel, 30 Days Of Night basically is about a bunch of vampires invading a small town somewhere in Alaska & start sucking everybody there.

One thing interesting & different about this movie than the rest of other vampires movies is, well, these vampires actually do not encourage their victims to turn, you know, vampires bite you & you become one of them, instead they will chop off their victim's head to prevent the transformation once they had the taste of their blood.

Hahaha.... selfish yet abit funny don't you think. This way you won't be able to raise an army of vampires & make the killing easier & faster. Well, maybe they just want to have the entire town all by themselves, you'll never know. I guess only the writers will knew.

Ok, one thing from the movie that I'm not really sure if it's true or not. The reason the title call 30 Days Of Night is because every once a year, the town will experiences a complete darkness for a month. That's mean no sun but only moon. Is there such a place? Hmmm.... too lazy to find out the truth from the internet so I guess I will never know the answer. Hopefully they will mention something about this on the DVD.

If it's true, that would be scary! One whole month without sunshine. Hahaha... but I think there will not be any vampires right? Are there? Does vampire exist? The vampires version in this movie actually does not look like a vampire to me. The way they behave & their movement sort of look like a zombie to me. I mean fast type zombie that can talk.

After awhile, this movie feels like a combination of movie such as Sin City & Dawn Of The Dead. Maybe that is the whole idea. Well, there is this scene from the movie that I really liked which basically involve a group of people hiding & hearing long distance screaming & gunshot. I feel that its really build up the scariness of the situation.

Overall, it's a one hell of a bloody ride for us & we really enjoy ourselves alot although there is a lack of characters build up & story line. If you are those typical bloody gory not to mention ultra violence type of audience, this is definitely the right movie for you.

While for those who experience heart attack condition, kindly avoid this movie. There is this scene where my mum actually close her eyes cause she finds it too violence. I'm not going to spoil it here so you all will just have to go & watch it in the cinema or DVD if you have missed it.

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