Monday, December 3, 2007

Enchanted Movie Review!


Just watched the movie Enchanted last week & only got the time to do the review today. Been busy & tired this few days & hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. Well, is the movie really that enchanting as what the title stands? Probably not.

Hahaha.... at first I don't even plan to watch the movie at all. She finds it interesting that a princess from a 2D animation world coming to the real world & still behaving like she's in the cartoon world just makes her wanting to go & it. You know, singing & dancing, those sort of act where you usually saw in a disney 2D animation film.

Well, the movie begins with both the prince & princess falling in love at first sight. Before heading to her wedding ceremony, she is banished to the modern-day Manhattan street by the evil queen who's afraid that she might replace her as the new queen.

Once there & seemingly helpless, she received aid from a lawyer (who apparently already has a girlfriend) & begins to fall in love with him. Hahaha.... one question eventually pop up from my mind. What about love at first sight? Greedy princess.

There is this scene where she cry over a couple who is going for a divorce & I was laughing so hard at that time thinking that the princess herself also facing a similiar situation & to give her extra credit, she has caused the lawyer who've helped her, breaking up with his girlfriend & falling in love with her. Bad princess.

After knowing the dissapearance of his true love, the prince himself travel to our world with the help of a chipmunk to rescue her & eventually finds out that she no longer in love with him. So sad....... I fell pity for the prince actually. Only one & no second chance to change or anything. Basically sayonara prince cause I fell in love with a more talkative guy & you are not. Mean princess. Hahaha.... that proves how cruel our world is & even a princess from an enchanted world who steps into our world will become cruel & mean eventually.

Guess it's time to say something nice. Amy Adams who played the lovely princess really did an amazing job that gives audiences an impression that they are actually watching a 2D animation character comes to life.

Well, as the movie continue moving forward, you might have the feeling like you're watching Sound of Music instead. Not much great about the special effect except for the chipmunk & dragon. The chipmunk looks cute & adorable while the dragon, well, basically look like a cartoon dragon comes to life. Alvin & The Chipmunk might even look better. You'll never know.

Those who loves disney, singing, chipmunk & princess falling in love, this is the right movie for you. Those looking for something enchanting happenning in the real world, forget it, cause this movie does not have any big magical sequence. Abit dissapointed with that cause I really hope to see something enchanted stuff happening in the real world. Overall, it's a fun, funny & enjoyable movie to watch with your family, friends & lover as well!

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