Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Warlords Movie Review!


Just watched The Warlords yesterday night & I must say that the movie is quite good although there are some areas that need improvement. Lets start with the good part first shall we.

I really impress with Andy performance in this movie cause he has given something that you normally would not see him in his other movies. You just love every shot of his on screen.

Jet Li still looks great but basically you have seen him in this kind of performance on his other movies such as Hero or Fearless. So to me, it is not a major breakthrough for him.

As for Takeshi, well, I haven't actually watched alot of his previous movies but overall he looks great & I love the role that he played. On my opinion, I guess its really suits him.

The movie begins with 3 mens who become sworn brothers & on their way to a tragic & sad ending. There are certain scenes in the movie that are really emotional that will basically left you in tears. I'm hearing people crying in the cinema & that's prove how emotional this film can be. Not sure if they are crying because they wanted to get the hell out of the cinema to have their refund or what. Well, I'm not going into details of how the story goes cause I do not want to give away spoiler.

Ok, here comes the bad part. The battle scene is really a major disaster. I don't think it's really well executed. You can sense that there is something wrong with it but not sure how to explain. It just doesn't seem right to me. Think is the choreography. One major thing that spoil the moment of a great war fight for an asian film is always the cast for the extras. You can alway tell that they are basically an extras acting in the background, shouting & waving their hands & you just couldn't put yourself in the situation that you are actually watching a real war scene. No 100% effort & lack of energy & courage in it.

They really should train them well in order to delivered a great scene especially in this case, a war scene. Some other scenes are so typically being shot just to amplified the situation & is not done in a natural way, scene such as a little baby crying with a scar on the face & men crying for help from a far distance & eventually left to die. I guess only for those who have watched the film will know what I mean. Anyway, if they have shorten the length for the war scene & instead concentrate more on the story line for each of the characters, I guess it would have make the movie an even much better outcome.

Well, overall this movie is really worth checking out. Try to forget about wanting to watch a movie with a great war fight scene or kung fu action by Jet Li cause it does not have any of those qualities. Just try to watch it instead of the great performances & emotional attached in this movie & you will definitely going to have a great time!

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