Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December DVD Releases I Must Own...


Captain Jack Sparrow is back in this third & maybe final chapter in the caribbean saga. Actually come to think about it, yar, they should call it the end cause this movie is so long & boring that we almost actually wanting to leave the cinema & sneak our way out to the next door.

We love the 1st & 2nd movie alot but when it comes to a sequel movie, the third will always be a complete dissapointment as usual. Not sure why, maybe sequel is always meant for being a bigger budget, special effect, action sequences & with all this, the story line is sort of being ignore.

With a production budget of US$300 million, pirates only able to gross a total of US$309 million domestically but when it comes to a total worldwide grossing which is around US$961 million, well, that would be a pretty huge success for a lousy movie. The DVD will be release in both single & two disc limited edition DVD & of course in a Blu-Ray disc as well on the 04th of Dec.

This is probably one of the best movie when it comes to being the third in a sequel. Not even Spidey or Jack Sparrow can make a better sequel than Jason Bourne.

Hahaha... actually I haven't watched the first & second chapter of Bourne so I'm not sure if the third one is way better than the previous two movies. But according to her, this is the best of all. Hehehe... think I'll need to take back my word about Spidey & Jack since I have not watched the last two installment.

But one thing for sure is that we went to watched this movie twice in the cinema & still enjoyed it alot.

One disadvantage being a sequel is usually continuation story but for this movie, you don't have to actually went all the way to watched the first & second just to understand or enjoyed it. That's what made it so success. Sort of like X-Men 2. With a total worldwide gross of over US$437 million, the bourne series will be release in a Jason Bourne Collection DVD & HD DVD with all three movies in it on the 11th of December! Definitely buying!

Love the figurines, the comics, TV series & of course the movie! Basically I love everything that got to do with the Simpsons. Sometime she even said that I behave like Homer once awhile which errr..... I think is not a good thing. Hahaha... Watched too many Simpsons stuff I guess.

After 18 years, finally the movie version is out & it's the best movie this year! Watched it the second time in the cinema & still can't have enough of it. Planning to watched it the third & fourth time but she doesn't allow me to, so I guess I will just have to wait for the DVD to be release.

I'm not going to say anything about the movie cause as a fan of the Simpsons, you will sure hear alot of good stuff coming out so I guess it is not fair to write anything about the movie. With a production budget of US$75 million & ended up with a total worldwide gross of over US$525 million, the Simpsons Movie will be release both in DVD standard & Blu-Ray disc format on the 18th of Dec! Can't wait for this one! Confirm buying. Hopefully a limited edition mumbo jumbo stuff will be release as well.

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