Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Am Legend Movie Review!


Just watched I Am Legend on X'mas eve & what a major dissapointment this movie turned out to be. I don't even know how to begin with. Let start with the basic story of the movie shall we.

Basically it's about a scientist played by Will Smith who is the last human survivor living in New York City & is surrounded by victims of some sort of a plague or virus who have mutated into a half vampires creature like. Of course as the story went on, finding cure, surviving the horror & looking for other survivors will eventually played along just like all the other zombies movie such as Dawn Of The Dead (the best) & Resident Evil (the worst) which is so typical.

I want to know how it happens & not after that. I've seen alot of this kind of movies already & there is always no explanation on it.

As for the creatures, the special effect is so terrible that it spoil the whole movie. It looks like a copy & paste version from the movie The Mummy. They might as well hire a group of people with make-up on or even use animatronics. Luckily Will Smith comes to save the day. If it's not for him, this movie will be a major flop. Try putting other B grade actor as a major cast & with those lousy effect & no story line at all, you basically get yourself a typical direct to DVD sort of movie.

I'm really impress with Will's performance especially during the 'dog scene' which is so great to watch & touching at the same time. People in the cinema are so fully concentrating on that particular scene & in my opinion, is one of the best moment in the movie. I'm not going to reveal any major plot here but I am going to talk about a sequence which happen before the 'dog scene'. Basically it's a scene involving Will who went all crazy shooting at a mannequin, buildings & shouting & screaming at the same time & eventually got himself caught hanging upside down & fainted.

Oh ya, the reason why I've mentioned half vampires for these creatures is because they behave like one, love blood & hate the sun light. So in order for them to roam the streets & set up traps to catch Will, they must wait till the sun is gone & this sequence is so weird that I myself don't even know how to describe it. The way how he ended up getting himself caught in that trap is so lame. I know after spending 3 years alone will make you go crazy or frustrated but I'm sure the people who made this movie could come out with something better than this. I guess only for those who have watched the movie will know what I mean.

Another typical moments in this movie are the cheap shock. Quiet..... suddenly BAM! Quiet...... suddenly BAM! This is not scary, it just makes you jump up from your seat cause you got shock. Bloody hate it. One last thing before I end my review, why must horror movies need to add some cheap jokes along the way? I know it will tone down the horror moment of the film where audiences get to take their break but what kind of a horror movie if there's a joke in it? Semi-horror?

Guess I've said too much already. Ok, for those who's thinking of watching this movie, try not to expect a number of great special effects, story lines or action sequences, but instead try watching it because of the fact that Will Smith & his dog are the cast & I'm sure that you will definitely going to enjoy yourself with your love one, family & friends.

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